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Who we are

Study in Canada is an education consulting company, specializing in international student placements in Canada. We are a part of Level Up Learning Inc, which is one of the largest enrichment education companies in Canada. Through Level UP we have established partnerships with institutions across all education levels–universities, colleges, high schools and language schools– to recruit international students who want to study in Canada. Through an understanding of individual student’s goals and needs, we help to place them to their best advantage in an increasingly competitive international education environment. Through our Virtual Private academy, students can earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or US high school diplomas from their own home.

Our Vision

Our vision is to prepare students for future careers, by aiding them as they seek to study in Canada.

Our Mission

To have the largest network of education consultants in Asia. We provide comprehensive educational consulting to students and their families.

Our Values

Our Study In Canada consultant companies are offered as stand alone franchise, or as a part of a Level Up Learning Center franchise.

Level UP Founder Jeff Hughes was well into his adulthood when he realized that in order to maintain competitive in his career as a franchise manager and coach, he needed to be more well-versed in computer science. This late entry into IT education got him thinking about what the future might be like for the next generation of kids, including his own three children, if they were not prepared for the increasing tech demands of the workplace. Recognizing an unmet need in children’s education, Jeff founded Level UP in 2014.

The Vision of Level Up is to prepare students for future careers. That same vision propels Study in Canada.  Study in Canada wants to ensure that international students are prepared for the careers that they want with the ability to study in the countries of their choice.

Study in Canada Education Counselors will help you find the best undergraduate and graduate program and assist you with your application, and all stages of university preparation.