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Through our partner, Virtual Private Academy TM International students can earn an accredited High School Diploma. We offer the option of an Ontario Second School Diploma or an accredited US high school diploma.

Virtual Private AcademyTM is a fully accredited online academy for international students. We offer a wide range of academic programs designed around your needs.

Students can take all of their high school credits through the Virtual Private AcademyTM or apply to transfer their credits and earn a dual diploma.

If you want your university application to stand out, earn an accredited North American Diploma.

We offer AP and Honours classes, as well as SAT and ACT prep classes and tests to ensure that your application stands out.

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The Virtual Private Academy wants every parent to consider an online accredited education. When considering an online school, it’s important to understand the key factors that set us apart from other institutions. Below is some information to help you with your decision. If you have more questions, please chat with an education specialist.

Accreditation. As an accredited online school, we meet the highest standards of academic excellence. We fulfill all the steps of accreditation, including self-study, goal-setting, and evaluation, to ensure that schools and universities worldwide reciprocate our students’ courses, credits, and grade-level placements. It also validates that our teachers and curriculum meet state and U.S. and Canadian standards. We offer both US diplomas and Ontario High School diplomas. The Virtual Private Academy is accredited and approved by NCAA, AdvancedED, Cognia, and the University of California A-G

Why Virtual Private AcademyTM

Students engage in a quality college preparatory curriculum that prepares them for the challenges of colleges and universities, as well as their future careers. We offer career readiness classes that lead to industry certification. We offer SAT and ACT prep classes and test exams. The ability to maintain a flexible schedule allows students to study at their own pace based on their skills and knowledge, while providing them the opportunity to participate in outside interests, like sports, music, esports, and online pursuits.

Why a Virtual School?

Education today has to adapt to an ever-changing world and students facing a host of new and difficult obligations that threaten to get in the way of learning.  Virtual courses can accommodate students with disabilities and chronic illnesses who are unable to consistently attend a physical facility, students with learning disabilities who need additional resources, or athletes who face frequent scheduling conflicts.  It can even be used for summer school programs, so that students can manage familial or work obligations without falling behind. Additionally, the combination of visual, audio, and video resources that can be incorporated into a lesson plan will aid greatly in a student’s success, and real-time progress stacking and regular check-ins provide the benefits of face-to-face instruction without the time constraints.

Attending a virtual school allows students to personalize their educational experience by selecting a pathway that reflects their interests. With flexible learning at an accredited virtual school, they learn on their schedule. Students can complete the curriculum at a speed with which they’re comfortable and pursue other interests such as sports, music, and art.

Leadership Team The leadership at Virtual Private AcademyTM  guides our academic programs and curriculum with a sharp focus on the learning outcomes for students. Since 2015 our leadership team has worked with tens of thousands of students to enrich their education and prepare them for the future.

Who We Serve. Virtual Private AcademyTM  is a private school that serves families worldwide.

We offer programs to college-bound students, performers, accelerated learners, international students looking to attend North American Universities, home schooling families, and gifted students. Those with talent in the performing arts, sports, and academics enjoy the flexible schedule and challenging curriculum that adapts to their learning style. Students may complete their coursework remotely, while our teaching staff provides regular support and discussion with every student to ensure they achieve their highest potential. When brick-and-mortar schools are unable to support your educational needs, our virtual private school gives you a personalized approach that’s conducive to real-world learning.

Academic Growth with a Flexible Schedule

Our school is primarily designed for the college preparatory student who wishes to grow and excel academically and personally, while maintaining a flexible schedule. Our personalized approach is competency-based and asynchronous, meaning students can move faster or slower through the material, depending on their individual skills and knowledge. This approach allows students the ability to adapt their schedules to accommodate their other interests, such as music, dance, visual arts, or athletics. It also allows families to provide a world-class education from the safety of their own living room.

With college preparatory academics, including  SAT and ACT prep, Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses. Virtual Private Academy is focused on placing its graduates into the selective colleges and universities of their choice. Through our partner education consulting division, we can help students apply and get accepted to Canadian and US institutions.

Learn more at www.virtualprivateacademy.com or message our education specialist today.

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