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We'd love to help you find your Career Pathway.

We'd love to help you find your

Career Pathway.

Study in Canada Education Counselors will help you find the best undergraduate and graduate program and assist you with your application.

Applying to a school (college or university) is stressful in any context, but can be especially complicated when applying to a school in a foreign country whose standards and customs you might not be familiar with. Each school has their own admission requirements and select which students to accept.

Most Common Problem

Complex Admission Process

It's difficult for student to understand admission process. The process of admission to foreign universities can be overwhelming to families. We make the process easy and clear and guide you through every step.

Application Process

It's quite difficult to track your applications for admission. Because of lack of tracking it takes more time Than usual
Our clients can fill out a standard application for all universities.

Difficult Universities, Different Requirements

As every university has different requirements it is difficult For students to make sure they complete every application correctly and on time. We ensure all requirements are met by every applicant.

Less Assurance of Choice Universities

Because of a lack of step by step guidance from the universities, students have less chance of getting accepted to their first choice of universities. We make sure every application is filled out and delivered on time.

Our Specialty

Fast and Simple Process

We make the application process a more relaxed, comfortable, and exciting process. We provide support as required throughout the entire application process. The process seems simple but some several queries and formalities need to be adhered to.

High Chance Of Admission

Study in Canada has developed a large network of reputed universities and colleges worldwide. We represent schools in Canada. Our relationship with universities boosts the chances of our students’ admissions

High Quality Assurance

we know what the institutions need for a good and complete application. Institutions are pleased to work with Study In Canada as they are assured that the application and documents are all prepared correctly.

Institute of your Choice

We provide step by step guidance. We begin working with students in grade 8 to ensure that they meet every requirement through high school to meet the requirements of the universities of their choice.

What Make Us Different


Expert Counseling

We at Study In Canada ensure that every effort is put in to understand the student’s needs.

What students and parents appreciate most is that these services are offered promptly, and professionally. Overseas education is not cheap thus decide wisely and carefully.


Identify Course, Country And University

If you wish to study abroad, choosing the right course is imperative. Our counselors will help you shortlist the courses that would best suit your Personal, Academic, Financial Profile, and goals.  Selecting the right course/program is critical to ensure the success of every student. 


Education and Test Prep

We offer the opportunity to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Standardized International Tests help evaluate a student’s aptitude. These tests will help in the admission process. We also provide coaching for our students for entrance exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT, GRE, SAT and ACT.


Document Editing

At Level UP Learning Center, providing optimum results is of top priority therefore, every student’s application is thoroughly processed and reviewed to ensure that it is filled out correctly. We give special attention to your application, highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented, error free application.


Application Process

We give special attention to every application whether it is paper based or online. Inspecting the last applications before sending them out to universities is imperative. The students and counselors jointly should set aside time and concentrate on checking applications before they are submitted to ensure an error free and well-presented application.



Visa Guidance is a part of our service for students for all countries.We provide you with free guidance to make sure you have the best chances of getting your student visa. We help you in entire visa process like, filling up application forms, preparing financial statements.


Airport Pick up

We can provide Airport Pick-up to all international students. Any requests for an airport pick-up must be made one week in advance. 

Please send us an email to submit your request.


Pre Departure Services

Before leaving for  Canada, there are some things you will need to prepare for – everything from organizing your travel documents to finding somewhere to live, securing health insurance and accommodations. Let us advise you what to do before arrival to Canada.



Many schools have residences for students on campus. If you are looking for long-term off-campus accommodation, we can help you to find a suitable place for your student. We will work with rental agents and realtors to ensure safe and secure acoomodations.